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Philip and Alexander in paperback
Philip and Alexander will be released in paperback by Head of Zeus on 13th May.
Vindolanda kindle offer - and Ferox's impending return
Vindolanda currently available on kindle from amazon in the UK for £0.99 -
Vindolanda on kindle

Also, Ferox returns in The Fort released in June in the UK.
Philip and Alexander at £0.99 on BookBub offer
As of a couple of days ago, there is an offer for the kindle edition of the book in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.
Vindolanda offer on kindle in UK
Amazon.co.uk have VINDOLANDA on offer for 99p this month:-

Vindolanda on kindle
Philip and Alexander released in UK today
Today is the official release for the Uk edition of PHILIP and ALEXANDER: Kings and Conbquerors.

Here is a link to the fun History Hack podcast where I discuss this new book and other things Philip and Alexander on History Hack

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