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New YoutTube Channel
Hello. I have started a youtube channel for videos about my books and history in general. At the moment there are videoes introducing most of the books, as well as playlists collecting other videos, such as interviews. In the future I plan to add little pieces discussing particular themes and perhaps some longer videos as well. We shall see. The channel can be found here Adrian Goldsworthy. Historian and Novelist
Ferox returns - The Wall released 8th June
My latest Roman novel is released this week in Hardback and e-book - with the paperback to follow in December.

THE FORT brings Ferox back to Northern Britain and is set against the background of tension and war which led to Hadrian's visit and the construction of Hadrian's Wall.

See the new page on this site for more details.
preorder offer from Barnes and Noble
Preorder your copy of Rome and Persia between January 25 and 27 at BN.com and get 25% off with code PREORDER25
Coming this summer - New Non Fiction
Due for release in July is a book telling the story of the long rivalry between Rome and the Parthians and then the Sasanian Persians, from first contact in the early first century BC right the way through until the seventh century AD.

In the UK, this will be called The Eagle and the Lion, and in the USA thetitle will be Rome and Persia.
The City released today!
The City, the sequel to The Fort is released today as a hardback and on kindle. See the new page on this site for more details.

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