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Philip and Alexander
My latest non fiction book, Philip and Alexander. Kings and Conquerors is due for release soon. In the UK, it will come out on 3rd September and in the USA about a month later. A Dutch edition will be released in the Netherlands in September. There will be other translations, but I do not yet have all the details. Soon there will be a page about the book on this site.

One very kind review so far:-

Kirkus review
Kindle offer on The Encircling Sea in the UK
The Encircling Sea is available this month for £1.69 on amazon.co.uk.
Vindolanda Survival Appeal
These are tough times generally, with lots of individuals and groups needing support, but I want to highlight one appeal. Vindolanda is a truly remarkable, rather special site, but as an independent trust they don't have the secuirty of belonging to one of the large state bodies. The lockdown has hit them badly, closing their two museums and stopping pretty much everything. To make some of this up and keep the trust afloat and allow its unique programme of excavation to continue well into the future, the Trust has launched an appeal. It's a great cause to support if you have opportunity and here is the link.

Vindolanda Survival Appeal
BRIGANTIA released in paperback
Brigantia comes out in paperback in the UK this week. Official release date is today, but sometimes things take a day or two to arrive on the shelves.
New page for BRIGANTIA
Just to say that the website now has a page about Brigantia. The third story in the Vindolanda series is on sale in the UK from this Thursday (13th June).

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