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Rebellion in the Colonies!

This will be a bit of first, because I am recommending some books that are (a) not about ancient history and (b) not written by anyone I know. A couple of years I spent a few days at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia and managed to get down to Yorktown, which is bound to set an Englishman thinking! Anyway, it revived an old interest in the War of Independence/American Revolution. This was only reinforced by how often American reviewers and interviewers drew the parallel between Caesar and George Washington. It occurred to people often enough at the time, although Washington was equally often compared to Fabius Maxmimus cunctator, who saved Rome by avoiding battle.

A lot of my reading has been on the military side of things. There is a lot of terrific stuff on the subject. At the moment I am a few chapters into Matthew Spring's With Zeal and Bayonets Only: The British Army on campaign in North America, 1775-1783 and am enjoying it immensely. It is well worth anyone who wants to understand ancient battles looking at the mechanics of other conflicts fought at close range and by formations of men. Yesterday a copy of Lawrence Babits & Joshua Howard's Long, Obstinate, and Bloody: The Battle of Guilford Courthouse arrived from amazon. I am really looking forward to reading this, as Babit's A Devil of a whipping: The Battle of Cowpens (1998) is extremely good and was one of the first things I bought when I started reading up on the period. Sadly, the problem with researching and writing is that you do not get too much time to read for pleasure, so goodness knows how long it will be before I actually get a chance to look at it.

The next entry is another plug for another Pen&Sword book, in this case Ian Hughes’ Belisarius: the last Roman general . Once again I know the author and so got to read this in draft form. Again it’s also one of those subjects which it is hard to believe has not been covered before. We have Procopius’ detailed narrative – and the scandalous version of his Secret History. So the material is all there, and it is a fascinating story of campaigns fought on the eastern frontier and in Africa and Italy during the sixth century AD. My own Fall of the West finishes with Justinian, but could not cover these years in anything but the most sketchy way. Here is a good narrative account which tries to reconstruct events as far as we can, so is well worth a look for people who want to know more.

Link to Belisarius on amazon.co.uk
Mithridates the Great
Well, the second entry to the blog is here, and like most it will be about a book, in this case Philip Matyszak’s Mithridates the Great. Rome’s indomitable enemy (Pen&Sword, 2008). King Mithridates VI of Pontus on the south coast of the Black Sea was one of the most remarkable people to fight the Romans in the first century BC, which makes this biography of him long overdue. Maty is an old friend, which means I got to read some of the book before it was released. Those who have read his other books will know that they are always highly readable and well informed. This is one is of particular interest to me because I am currently writing about Antony and Cleopatra, and so this is important background to the eastern Mediterranean in those years. That Mithridates was a great survivor is obvious, but it is also worth reminding ourselves of how difficult it was for other nations to deal with Rome, whose leaders and policies changed so often and unpredictability. There are quite a lot of similarities to Cleopatra’s situation, even if she always remained a Roman ally (or at least an ally of some of the Romans!) Anyway, well worth a look.

Hello, and welcome to this part of the website. I am not sure that anybody is really all that interested in an author – and especially an historian – so do not plan on posting very often with my 'profound' thoughts. People who want to know my ideas on the ancient world can look at the books. These should stand or fall on their own, and ought not to be backed by lots of stuff about my own beliefs and life. Anyone who has ever had the misfortune to be trapped next to me at a party will already know that these are not desperately exciting. As a result there is very little personal stuff anywhere on the site. It's really about the books, and the TV and other work I have done or am doing. Now and again I may get inspired to post some comments here, about interesting ideas or new discoveries, or about books I have read and found especially enjoyable or inspiring – and quite possibly ones written by friends! So there will be occasional additions to this page. Just don't hold your breath or expect too much.

Goodbye for now - Adrian


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