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I have just finished work on the manuscript of the new non fiction book, after working on it for some two and half years. It is Pax Romana. Peace, conquest and the Roman empire and looks at the big question of whether or not the famous 'Roman peace' was a reality. These days empires are none too fashionable, often seen both as bad things and also by extension as inefficient, while the academic instinct is to play down the modernity of the Romans and instead emphasize how primitive many aspects of state and society were.

No one can question the success of the Romans in conquering so much of the world - or doubt the longevity of their empire - but what did this success really mean? Was the world truly as peaceful as the notion of Roman peace and the boasts of successive emperors claimed? If there was peace, then how did it happen, how was it maintained and how stable was it? It is important to understand how contact with Rome and occupation by the empire changed the lives of people in the provinces. These are big questions and the answers are complicated, but they are vital for understanding the Roman world.

PAX ROMANA is due for release in the second half of 2016 in the UK and USA, although so far I do not have precise publication dates. It has been a fascinating book to write, and I hope readers will share this interest.

As an aside, I must apologise to those who have e-mailed me in the last month or two. Finishing the book on time while keeping up with real life has meant that there is a long backlog of messages awaiting answers. I shall do my best to reply to all of them soon.
Run them ashore released in paperback
RUN THEM ASHORE will be released in paperback tomorrow. This is the fifth novel in the series, and sees the characters involved in the war along Spain's Mediterranean coast as the Allies cling on to a small toe-hold of the country. They work with the Navy and with Spanish partisans fighting the guerrilla or 'little war', so see different sides of the war. With the attempt to take Malaga, the siege of Cadiz and the Battle of Barrosa, there is plenty to keep them busy.
Augustus in paperback in USA
Today sees the release of the Yale University Press paperback edition of AUGUSTUS. Must dash - I'm very busy working on the next book! Details of that to follow.
Waterloo event in Penarth Book Festival
Hello all

I shall be taking part in a panel talking about Napoleon and Waterloo as part of the Penarth Book festival - follow this link - on the 12th October.
Augustus in paperback in UK
The paperback of AUGUSTUS. From Revolutionary to Emperor was released on Thursday so should already be in the shops. It's a nice edition, keeping the colour photographs, and with a handsome 'imperial' purple cover. It has given us a chance to correct the errors on the family tree. However, one typo was not spotted until it was too late and it is an embarrassing one because it is in a famous Cicero quote where a 'd' had been missed out. This should read - laudandum aduluscentum, ornandum, tollendum. Thanks to the person who spotted that one and wrote in.

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