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Napoleonic Fiction



True Soldier Gentlemen and the rest of the series draw heavily on the memoirs, diaries, and letters of the time. Wherever possible I have gone first to these, and many of the incidents in each of the books are based on real events. I have also benefitted a great deal by reading more modern histories of the Peninsula War, and the wider Regency and Napoleonic era. In the Historical Note at the end of each novel I have tried to give readers some idea of where the truth ends and fiction begins. However, there is not space there to list the sources, and so the pages that follow are intended to fill the gap. The works listed are those on my shelves.

It is not yet a complete list, but includes most of the books that have influenced the novels so far. In time I will add more volumes relevant to the later campaigns as I write those stories. For the moment I have omitted most of the extensive literature concerning the Waterloo campaign, or the War of 1812. They will come when Williams, Hanley, Pringle et alii get there. I have also not listed a few books which may give away some of the surprises to come later in the series.

These books are not in alphabetical order, but loosely arranged whether chronologically or in very rough order of usefulness or topic.

Some good collections of sources

Modern histories

Studies of specific battles or campaigns

Officers' accounts

Soldiers' accounts

French accounts

Themes and flavour


Articles and collections

The Armies


All in Scarlet Uniform


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