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Napoleonic Fiction

All in Scarlet Uniform - extra sources.

For All in Scarlet Uniform I have relied heavily on the excellent account of the 1810 campaign found in D. Horwood, Napoleon and Iberia - the twin sieges of Ciudad Rodrigo and Almeida (1984), and eye-witness account of J. Pelet (translated and edited by D. Horwood), The French Campaign in Portugal 1810-1811 (1973).

For Craufurd and the operations of the Light Division, see in particular A. Craufurd, General Craufurd and his Light Division (1891, reprinted by the Naval and Military Press 2004), and Shaw Kennedy's journal reprinted in F. FitzClarence, A Manual of Outpost Duties (1851, reprinted 2010).

Also of use were Urban's Rifles, Beamish's account of the KGL, Verner's of the Rifle Brigade, the various memoirs of the light bobs, and Maempel's Young Rifleman, since the author served - probably in the Hanoverian Legion - with the French army besieging Ciudad Rodrigo.

All of these are already listed among the sources.




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