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Roman Fiction

Ferox returns in:-

THE ENCIRCLING SEA - (Vindolanda 2)

Flavius Ferox and Vindex return in a new adventure. This is set a year and a half after Vindolanda, and will take them into the Highlands of Caledonia, and across the sea to Hibernia and the wild islands to the north. This time the germ of the story comes from incidents described by the senator and historian Tacitus, as well as a few snippets from the Vindolanda tablets.

Hunting raiders who have abducted a little girl as well as several other captives, Ferox stumbles across an even bigger mystery. The warriors he catches are some of the toughest on the frontier, yet these men are frightened of others, the merciless black men who come from the sea to kill and eat the dead. The more he learns the more people start trying to kill him, and he faces enemies on all sides, even before he is unwillingly involved in the shady world of diplomacy. Then something happens that threatens to tear Ferox apart and snatch what little hope he has left in life.

Introductory VIDEO to 'The Encircling Sea'


The Encirlcing Sea (Vindolanda II) is now on sale in hardback and on kindle, with the paperback due at the end of November 2018.

See The Encircling Sea at the Head of Zeus website - http://headofzeus.com/books/encircling-sea


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