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Napoleonic Fiction

Run Them Ashore - extra sources.


For the naval side of things, I found the following books especially useful:-

R. & L. Adkins, Jack Tar. The extraordinary lives of ordinary seamen in Nelson's navy (2008).

R. Gardiner, Warships of the Napoleonic Era: Design, Development, and Deployment (2011)

C. Hall, Wellington's Navy: Sea power and the Peninsular War (2004)

J. Harland, Seamanship in the Age of Sail: An account of the shiphandling of the Sailing Man-of-War, 1600-1860, based on contemporary sources (1984)

B. Lavery & G. Hunt, The Frigate Surprise: The Design, Construction and Careers of Jack Aubrey's Favourite Command (2008)

B. Lavery, Nelson's Navy: The Ships, Men and Organisation, 1793-1815 (2013)

D. Pope, Life in Nelson's Navy (1981)

The sources for the landing at Fuengirola are poor, and I relied heavily on T. Barker, 'A Debacle of the Peninsular War: The British-led Amphibious Assault against Fort Fuengirola, 14-15 October 1810', Journal of Military History 64 (2000), pp. 9-52 for the Allied viewpoint and Nafziger, Wesolowski, & Devoe (1991) for the Polish perspective. There is also some useful discussion in Fortescue. The only full-length personal account I was able to find is Lord Blayney's Narrative of a Forced Journey through Spain and France as a Prisoner of War in the Years 1810 to 1814. Volume 1 (1814)

For Barrosa J. Grehan & M. Mace, The Battle of Barrosa 1811. Forgotten Battle of the Peninsular War (2012) was very useful. There is also an interesting discussion of the campaign with particular emphasis on the ground traversed by Graham's army in Verner (1912) Volume 2, and a good deal in the usual sources and accounts.

Also, more generally C. Esdaile, Outpost of Empire. The Napoleonic Occupation of Andalucía, 1810-1812 (2012) is a fascinating discussion of the French occupation of this part of Spain and provided a lot of background for the story.




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