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Caesar Caesar
The Life of a Colossus

Published by:
Weidenfeld & Nicolson (May 2006) (UK)
Phoenix Paperbacks(May 2007) (UK)
Yale University Press (hardback 2006 and paperback 2008) (US)


Caius Julius Caesar remains the most famous Roman ever to have lived. Charismatic leader of men, serial seducer of women, he was also both a brilliant politician and a military genius capable of some of the most spectacular victories in history.

In this definitive biography, Adrian Goldsworthy places Caesar within the broad canvas of the Mediterranean world in which he lived, describing the rich but turbulent society that produced him - the politician, general and the man.

'Adrian Goldsworthy's account of this extraordinary period is a superb achievement ... . It is a model of the way ancient biographies should be written.'

Literary Review

' ... certainly does justice to the scale of his subject, and the evidence is masterfully assembled'

Mail on Sunday

'Excellent ... Goldsworthy tells this story with great skill and narrative force'

Wall Street Journal

Caesar - life of a Colossus won a Distinguished Book Award from the Society of Military Historians and was short-listed for the Marsh Biography Award.

For more reviews see the pages on the Orion website for the the British edition and the Yale University Press website for the US edition:



Caesar: The Life of a Colossus has been also published in Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Finnish, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish and Portuguese (Brazilian).


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