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The Complete Roman Army
The Complete Roman Army

Published by: Thames & Hudson (September, 2003)


Drawing on archaeology, ancient art and original documentary sources this comprehensive volume presents the most convincing picture ever published of the world's most famous fighting machine.

The Roman army was one of the most successful fighting forces in history. Its organization and tactics were highly advanced and were never again to be equalled until the modern era. Spectacular monuments to its perseverance and engineering skill are still visible today. Including over 200 illustrations, this book fully describes these achievements and analyses several key battles, and their famous commanders. It is the first to examine in detail not just the early imperial army, but the citizen's militia of the Republic and the army of the later Empire. The unprecedented scope of Roman military success is placed in the context of ordinary soldiers' daily lives, whether spent in the quiet routine of a peaceful garrison or in arduous campaign and violent combat.

'I found myself marvelling at the synthesis of detail and perspective ... this really is a complete account of the Roman army ... an invaluable reference book'

History Today

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The Complete Roman Army has been also published in German, Spanish, Finnish, Italian, Hungarian, Romanian, Japanese and Czech


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